Julie G.


Julie G. is an novice adult ballerina, starting late in life. She is a certified trauma-informed yoga instructor, formerly a semi-pro / touring belly dancer, and a mother. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts (and a Master’s in Business). She attended the University of Minnesota where she studied the Margolis Method of acting for dancers, danced with Crisis Point Theatre of Danger and Opportunity and Metro Theatre Underground, and interned at InterACT Center for performing arts with disabled adults. She lives (and dances) in Saint Paul with her husband, son and pug.

Dance of the Pen

A “pen” is both a writing utensil, and is also the word for an adult female swan. Dance of the Pen is created for those who maybe felt like the “ugly ducklings,” those adults returning to — or starting — ballet late, in the 2nd or 3rd act of life.